Restoring your health by getting to the root

•A Holistic approach to Wellness

•Functional testing

•Food and Lifestyle Coaching

•Detox and Weight loss 

•Gut repair

•Empowering you to take control of your health 


The Functional approach is a blend of the traditional belief that the body can heal itself if given the right nutrients and scientific test and tools to find the root, not just treat symptoms. Individualized care.

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Restoring your health starts with a healthy gut



Digestive issues

IBS, Constipation

Food Sensitivities


Anxiety, Depression

Chronic UTI

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Wellness is about the whole person. Physical, mental and spiritual.

Shape ReClaimed 
Anti-Inflammatory, Weight 
Loss Program

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  1. Reduced inflammation – common conditions and symptoms, such as diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, joint pain and weight gain. 

  2. Detoxification – The SHAPE Program is an excellent, thorough, yet gentle detox to give your body a fresh start.

  3. Enhanced immune function- reduce inflammation and cleanse your body of toxins with the SHAPE Program, your immune system will be strengthened. 

  4. Weight loss –  When you cleanse your body of toxins and reduce inflammation, weight loss is a natural side effect.

  5. Decreased pain – Pain is mostly caused by too much inflammation in the body. 

  6. Improved sleep – Did you know that sleep problems can be related to toxicity? 

  7. Better emotional health – The SHAPE Drops also contain ingredients for emotional support to help you better adapt to stress and balance your mood.

  8. Boost in energy – After starting the SHAPE Program, the large majority experience a major shift in their energy level and have more energy than they’ve ever had before. 

  9. Balanced blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones and more! 


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