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I'm Kari!

I am the founder of Kari Lockrem Wellness.

I am a Functional Health Coach who helps people get to the root of their gut, hormone and anxiety issues.

I have struggled for years with illness that had it's roots in a damaged gut. It took me most of my life to find answers. This is where my Functional Medicine journey began. I want to help others find answers and be their own advocate.

More about me.

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Anxiety Workbook

Anxiety comes from a culmination of several imbalances. A poor diet, nurtitional deficiencies, toxins, emotional triggers, and stress make up a large part of what drives the fire raging in your brain. This workbook includes a set of Mind Check questions to help you find stress triggers, templates of journal pages to focus your thoughts, activities for a positive mindset and many resources to give you tools to conquor your anxiety!

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Lakeville, Minnesota

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