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Calm anxiety with food

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I'm Kari!

I am the founder of Kari Lockrem Wellness. I am a functional Health Coach who helps people get to the root of their gut issues.

I have struggled for years with illness that had it's roots in a damaged gut. It took me most of my life to find answers. This is where my Functional Medicine journey began. I want to help others find answers and be their own advocate.

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This is a 3 month program that will support you in making lasting changes in your health journey. Health is more than your weight. It's about vitality, longevity, being able to move without pain, feeling rested and restored, and lowering your risk of disease. 

I designed this program to help you reach these goals. The modules in this program contain informative videos, food plans, workbooks to keep you on track, exercise plans that fit your lifestyle. The VIP program includes functional tests that your doctor may have never run so we can discover what imbalances are driving your health and weight hurdles, and 1:1 bi-weekly coaching meetings to give you the tools you need to be the best version of yourself!

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Gut Focused

Weight Loss


Wellness is about the whole person. Physical, mental and spiritual.

 Customized Meal plans  

Eating clean takes planning ahead. Take the stress out of planning with a customized meal plan to fit your health goals. You choose exactly how you want it and it is delivered to your email.

Meals that support your health goals
Gluten free
Dairy free
Corn free
Sugar free
Soy Free
Diabetes support
Cardio vascular support
and more!

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Lakeville, Minnesota

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