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There are many factors to weight gain. This program helps find the root cause of your weight gain, and educates you on how to make  the best lifestyle, dietary, and mindset changes to keep it off. This program includes a tailored functional test to determine what factors are contributing to weight loss resistance. Add your email to the list to be notified when this program is ready. 

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Pillar 1

Inflammation can come from diet, gut infections, blood sugar dysregulation. You may need a GI MAP to find the root cause of gut issues. 

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Pillar 2

Stress Management is a large contributor to weight gain. The HPA axis can be imbalanced leading to fat storage.

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Pillar 3

Pantry clean out or grocery shopping is essential to educate you on how to avoid foods that cause inflammation.

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Pillar 4

Safe movement is different for everyone but an important part of a healthy lifestyle. 

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