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How The Shape Program Works

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

The SHAPE Program is a health transformation plan that is customized to meet your goals. To begin, we will meet to have a meaningful conversation about your health challenges and long-term goals. When you are ready to get started, I will deliver your start up kit, including urinalysis strips, a bottle of SHAPE Drops and a copy of the SHAPE Program Guidebook.

The SHAPE Program is organized into three phases:

Phase I: Cleanse

The purpose of Phase I is to cleanse your body of toxins. During this phase, your brain chemistry will begin to balance, inflammation will decrease, and your immune system will begin to strengthen. If weight reduction is one of your goals, Phase I can also cleanse your body of excess weight. You will follow the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol, take SHAPE Drops three times daily and regularly meet with your SHAPE practitioner during Phase I. Phase I is a minimum of three weeks, but we

recommend staying in Phase I until you reach your health goals.

Phase II: Stabilize

The purpose of this phase is to stabilize your brain chemistry and metabolism. If you lost weight in Phase I, this phase is important for maintaining your new weight. You will stop taking the SHAPE Drops, begin reincorporating new foods and continue to meet with your SHAPE practitioner during Phase II. Phase II is exactly three weeks. This is important to reset biochemistry.

Phase III: Live

The purpose of Phase III is to use the knowledge you gained in the previous two phases to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can start taking the SHAPE Drops again as a daily supplement to maintain optimal health. Phase III is making SHAPE a part of your everyday life.

Once you have completed the program you can return to a 21-day Detox if you have found you have gone back to some poor eating habits.

It is simply doing Phase I, you may find doing this twice a year is a helpful way to maintain your results long term.

I would love to help you on your anti-inflmmatory weight loss journey.

More information here.

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