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Skin care ingredients to avoid

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Skin isn't the barrier you may think it is. Your skin is just like a mouth, everything you put on it is absorbed. It takes 20 seconds for a product to be absorbed into the skin. Absorption through the skin gets into your bloodstream faster than if you ingest it.

Many products we find in our skin, body and hair care products have been linked to eczema, allergies, hormone disruption,reproductive problems and cancer.

The state of Californina seems to be the first state to ban these dangerous ingredients. Kudos to them! Europe has had very stringent policies about ingredients that many skincare companies are adopting here in the US. As we bring awareness to this issue, more companies will follow the lead.

EWG has a very comprehensive website to help you research your products before you buy them, use them on your skin or in your home. Here is another website for more information.

Below is a list of just a few ingredients to avoid in your products:

Formaldehyde- formalin, formic aldehyde merthaldehyde, mathanal, methyl aldehyde, oxomethane, oxymethylene

Found in nail polish, and some hair products. It is a carcinogen, neurotoxin, developmental toxin, and linked to asthma.

Parabens- methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl- Found in skin care, hair care, lotions and deodorants. Parabens are hormone disruptors and estrogen mimickers. Our body recognizes these as hormones. As we add these imposters into our body we will have hormone imbalances like estrogen dominance which causes a long list of undesirable symptoms.

Fragrance- perfume, parfum, aroma, natural fragrance There is a loophole that 100's of ingredients can fall under "fragrance" and not have to be disclosed. Pthalates fall under this category. They make fragrance last longer. Also found in air fresheners (plug-ins, fabreeze), candles, trash bags. Fragrance is linked to allergies and if you're looking for an underlying cause to your anxiety, this is huge!

Polyethylene glycol- PEG, PEG-100, PEG-40, PEG-8, and PEG-12 Dimethicone

PEG-6 ,PEG-8, PEG-3,2 PEG-75 ,PEG-150, PEG-14M, PEG-120M are known carcinogens.

PEG's are formulated to have a penetrating effect. If the product you're using has undesirable ingredients along with PEG's make it easier to get into deeper into your skin PEG's aren't always pure and can be contaminated with a host of toxic ingredients linked to cancer.

Octinoxate and Ozibenzone found in most sunscreens are hormone disruptors. Use a physical sunscreen ingredient like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and avobenzone for the face, instead.

Phthalates- DBP, DEP, DEHP, DNOP, and DiNP. found in skin and haircare products shown to cause endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer. They have sown to cause infertility in men and women. DBP has been shown to cause proliferation of breast tumor cells and to make anti-estrogen treatments, such as tamoxifen, less effective against tumors. Remember, they are under the listing of "fragrance" so the more fragrant your product is, the higher the likelihood that it is toxic.

Phthalates are also a contributor to neurotransmitter deficiencies like GABA. As I said above, this is why products with fragrance contribute to anxiety. Trudy Scott has a ton of information about this subject here.

Our health is greatly effected by what we put into our body. Many illnesses are caused by toxic chemicals that we are exposed to every day. It is important to your health and your children's health that you remove toxins from your home by what you use to clean with and what you use on your body.

I am a big fan of Beauty Counter, Acure, Primally Pure, and Credo Beauty for my skin.

I use Young Living Theives cleaner to clean my home with and essential oils in a diffuser instead of any synthetic fragrance. I also love Branch Basics. Branch Basics makes a travel size kit I take with me when I travel so I have non-toxic hand soap, and spray I can use for a quick clean of my seat and tray on the plane.

Lastly, don't get overwhelmed, just start adding new non-toxic products as you run out if you don't want to ditch everything. It's a process, Your overall health depends on lifestyle changes ridding all toxins from your life . Toxic Products, toxic foods and toxic people!

Wellness is worth it! Please set up a wellness discovery call if you would like more information.


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Sandra Lutzen
Sandra Lutzen
Feb 22, 2021

Thank you... this is great info!

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